About Canalé

Enhance and extend your color!

Beautiful, Healthy & Shiny Hair

Canalé hair care works “from the inside out and from the outside in,” focusing on getting hair healthy, keeping hair healthy and maintaining hair color between salon visits.

Gentle yet effective

Our shampoo is Infused with natural cleansing agents to thoroughly restore your hair, leaving it bright and clean, without stripping it of color and moisture .

For color treated hair

Scientifically formulated to bring out your best color while protecting your hair from exterior aggressions and extending the longevity of your color.

Dermatologist Approved

Our hair care line was developed as a holistic healthy hair care system, improving the fullness of your hair and bringing out your natural shine. 

The Name Behind the Products

Michael Canalé is a world renowned celebrity hair color guru.

A Message from our Founder

Michael Canalé

Our Shared Planet

Extend time between water washes

Canalé Cleanse shampoo improves your hair's condition starting at the follicular level, which helps create a virtuous cycle of less frequent and gentle washing.