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Introducing the newest gift bundle offer of best-sellers from Canalé: two bottles of Cleanse Shampoo and a Soften Conditioner of your choice. Complement your Cleanse Shampoo with a bottle of either Soften or Soften Plus. 

Bundle includes: Two bottles of Cleanse and a Soften conditioner of your choice. Select 'Soften' or 'Soften Plus' and add to cart!

Cleanse (x2)

Calm your mind and relax as CLEANSE by Canalé thoroughly restores your hair, leaving it bright and clean, without stripping it of color and moisture. Infused with natural cleansing agents, this shampoo is formulated to bring out your best color while protecting your hair from exterior aggressions, as well as extending the longevity of your color. Created by Master Colorist Michael Canalé, the gentle bamboo fragrance of CLEANSE transports you to a world of tranquility as it protects your hair inside and out.


Containing a sensual blend of natural oils and protective antioxidants, SOFTEN is specially formulated to restore hair shine and luster, reducing breakage and bringing your best color to life. Rich in revitalizing antioxidants, this beautifying conditioner addresses the specific needs of colored hair by providing key nutrients and coating the hair shaft to visibly improve quality. Master Colorist Michael Canalé has carefully selected the ingredients of SOFTEN to improve the overall health of your hair, so that it is left soft and shiny, with beautiful, clear color tones.

Soften Plus 

Precisely formulated with an optimal hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance, SOFTEN Plus conditioner provides enhanced, natural moisture retention to hair that needs it. Containing SilsoftTM A+, this high-performance conditioner promotes fiber-to-fiber alignment, reduces frizz, and amplifies curl definition. Restore your natural shine and luster, reduce breakage and bring your best color to life with the natural antioxidants in SOFTEN Plus, created by Master Colorist Michael Canalé to improve the overall health of your hair and help you, Stay ColorfulTM